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Capt. Spastic's Jell-O-Rama Explosion and Super Secret All Purpose Sauce Journal

The Enigmatic Four Skin Buss

Capt. Spastic
16 July 1962

See the post that got me investigated by the U.S. Treasury Dept. Here.

Currently, there's something new I'm doing on my Journal in addition to the regular maniacal ranting, raving, and utter stupidity that I normally post. I've begun writing a hopefully therapeutic undertaking about the events of my life. All these entries are private, and will not be seen by you, unless you have a Lj account, you're listed as a friend, you're logged into your account, and your on the filter. If you're bored, really interested or just simply have a trainwreck mentality, request to be added to the filter. If I've known you for awhile, it will pretty much be automatic. If you're a newer person, I'll have to decide whether I'm going to add you are not. Sorry, nothing personal. What I write in the context of these posts are really meant for me. They are not up for debate.

I have an incredible knack for pissing people off. Even when I don't mean to. Read some of the Recent Comments to see what I mean.

Feel free to use and distribute, with proper credit via some kind of link of course

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Music is one of my great passions in life. To quote Frank Zappa, "Music is the BEST" and it is. Can't play a lick of it, but I love it. I tend to go a bit toward the unsual with my taste, some would eve say weird. But hell, I like it. If you are so inclined, please visit my radio station:

Some Samples from SpasticRadio:

The second biggest passion in my life is BEER! I LOVE beer, which of course means, I can't STAND Budweiser! I like GOOD beer. I like beer so much, I started a beer event mailing list for the city of Austin. If you're a beer lover and live or like to come to Austin, you should join this list: Austin Tx. Beer Lovers List

I also love humor, funny stuff...tasteless, off-color, politically incorrect humor esp. I run a joke list, and an Lj joke Community: capspasticjokes.

So tune in, and read the dementia that is my journal.

You may laugh, you may cry (for me), some of it there's a chance you MIGHT even enjoy. One thing's for sure, at least at one point, I WILL piss you off.

I apologize in advance. Now, have a beer with me! :)

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Proudly Ordained Minister of Perpetual Consumption through

The Official Beer Church Homepage

Yep, that's right. I'll perform your ceremony... for pretty much nothing more than beer. Just ask me! No joke!

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